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Check engine light

Is your "Check Engine" light illuminated yet again? While it might not seem like there's anything wrong with your car right now, that little light could be a sign of big problems with some of your vehicle's major systems. If you want to ensure that your car is healthy and that the "Check Engine" light isn't a problem, trust Whitefish Automotive to put our 18 years of experience into diagnosing and fixing your auto issues!

Repair services for your check engine light

Whitefish Automotive is your source for trust, local auto repair and has been for 18 years of dedicated service!

Your "Check Engine" light could come on for a variety of reasons. Just some of the common reasons include issues with your emission system, fuel system, or your vehicle's ignition system.

Why is that pesky "Check Engine" light on?

One of the easiest ways to figure out which part of your vehicle is causing the "Check Engine" light to come on is via computerized diagnostic testing. As a result, Whitefish Automotive uses only state-of-the-art, computerized diagnostic testing equipment! Our diagnostic testing gear works on all makes and models of vehicles! Let our team find and fix your "Check Engine" light issues today - contact us to learn more!

Pairing high-quality repairs with the best diagnostics in the industry

Visit Whitefish Automotive now - our local automotive team has cared for your vehicles for 18 years!

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